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Our Core Values and Competencies
  • Working with uncompromising integrity and high ethical standards, and always guarding our client’s proprietary data
  • Quickly staffing client proposal teams with highly skilled proposal specialists
  • Delivering excellent services, even under tight deadlines and in challenging situations
  • Sharing our knowledge as we work, leaving behind a legacy
    of new skills and confidence 
  • Partnering in an environment of trust and open communications
  • Respecting the time and treasure of those we serve
We see ourselves as value-added retellers of YOUR organization’s story in competitive proposals—your core competencies, your credentials, your management and technical strategies, and your innovative ideas and offerings.

It’s YOUR story, and we’ll help you tell it!

We invite you to contact us for more details and a free, no-obligation assessment of how we can help you win new business through successful proposals.
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Our Mission
To help our clients prepare compliant, responsive, persuasive, and well-written proposals, positioning them to win new business.
We are specialists in developing proposals.