Winning Solutions, Inc., offers 100+ exceptionally talented proposal development associates -- managers, volume leads, writers, coordinators, and other specialists. Most are based in the Washington, DC, Metroplitan Area.

We insist on recent, significant, longstanding, hands-on skills in proposal management, writing, or other proposal specialties. And we look for people of impeccable reputation with the personal skills to perform in any proposal setting.

Our standards are so high that we qualify only about one in ten who apply to work with us.

Our associates offer:

     On average, 15+ years of substantial, relevant, direct experience in
     proposal work and core skills in writing and publications management

     Experience in a variety of proposal development environments

     Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, MBAs, PhDs, and academic
     backgrounds that include both non-technical and technical specialties

     Strong knowledge of information technology subject matter to enable
     effective partnering with subject matter experts

     Extensive exposure to virtually every civil and defense agency of the U.S.
     government, and to many state and local governments, too

     Advanced training in industry-standard tools, practices, and methodologies used in
     proposal development, program management, and other applicable business arenas

In addition, WSI's associates offer hands-on skills in industry-standard office software products and virtual proposal center environments/portals to write, edit, and produce final drafts or finished documents at client offices or offsite.  They have proven their ability to meet deadlines and work congenially with client technical and management staff, often under less than ideal circumstances and tight deadline pressures.

Clients find that the multiple skills, knowledge, efficiency, and flexibility of WSI’s associates offer a cost-effective solution to tight proposal budgets and a very favorable cost-benefit profile.

Our People
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WSI’s associates offer high standards of excellence in their work and stand ready to deliver best value.