Winning Solutions, Inc. matches our clients’ proposal development needs with

Managers, who lead all tasks in the proposal development life-cycle, implementing a standardized proposal process tailored to each client’s needs

Volume Leads, who manage all writing and development tasks for a specific proposal volume, overseeing the work of the writing team for that volume

Writers, who research, gather data, organize, write, edit, and produce proposal text, working closely with client subject matter experts and other client staff

Coordinators, who ensure the smooth operation of all proposal activities, supporting the proposal manager and team with a myriad of technical and administrative tasks

Illustrators, who design, execute, and revise proposal artwork, illustrating proposal concepts and solutions to showcase critical details of the offer

Orals specialists, who work across the oral presentation life-cycle to position the message and coach presenters, promoting successful stand-up results in front of the customer

Editors, who review and edit proposal documents for correct use of language and compliance
with the RFP, ensuring a document that clearly and correctly represents the client’s offer

Production staff, who oversee the process of publishing the proposal, preparing each section for publication and presentation to the customer

We help you prepare a
                     persuasive and
                            well-written proposal, positioning you to win 

And with enough time and data, we can help you tell a highly compelling story.

Our managers, volume leads, writers, coordinators, illustrators, orals specialists, editors, and production staff work across all parts of a proposal—executive summaries, management and technical volumes, past performance and capabilities summaries, resumes, oral presentation slides, plans, and even cost volumes.

We use proven, best-value methodologies and tools, tailored to your environment, to
         take ownership of your proposal
                partner with you to tell your story and
                       work closely with you to build the proposal…start to finish

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